Unlike other real estate agents who think their work is finished after home or property buyers and sellers have “signed on the dotted line,” I believe that my work for both buyer and seller is never done.

Looking, narrowing, negotiating and closing on a house or commercial property is really just the beginning… there are several important decisions and issues that the buyer faces. To continually assist my buyers, I have created a “Real Estate Concierge” program that makes the transition to a new home or property as stress-free as possible.

I find and work with venders in your area to provide the service you will need in the early stages of your purchase as well as any for any future issues that arise.

Unless you have just moved into a custom-built dream home, there may be repairs or upgrades you will want. It can be difficult to know where to begin, and new owners will have their hands full with moving. I am ready to provide the experience needed as well as the connections with local vendors to solve all of real estate troubles, and provide the required solutions.

I take pride knowing we can help homeowners and property owners solve nearly every issue, but our most common requests are:

  • RV Garage Additions
  • Granite Kitchen Upgrade
  • Pool Installations
  • Indoor and Outdoor Painting
  • Bathroom Upgrades
  • Tile/Carpet Flooring
  • AC Repair Installation
  • Driveway Repair/Upgrade

I care about each and every one of my buyers, and my real estate concierge program is just one of the ways that I can continue to care for them long after they’ve moved in to their new home or office.